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Comprehensive Hearing Healthcare Begins with a Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

Before you start down the path to better hearing health, you have to know what challenges are in front of you.

A comprehensive hearing assessment is an essential first step in the right direction. The comprehensive hearing assessment provided by Duncan Hearing Healthcare begins with a personalized, professional consultation.


The 3 Easy Steps to Your Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

Step 1 - Consultation

Your consultation will begin with a thorough rundown of our processes, so you will know exactly what to expect at each step along the way. Our compassionate, professional team member will have an in-depth conversation about your hearing loss concerns, a review of your medical history and family history, medications you take, and your lifestyle and treatment goals you hope to achieve. Your consultation provides both of us with a common starting point, establishing honest communication and confidence before we set out on the journey to better hearing health together.

Step 2 - Evaluation

Following your consultation, we will move on to further evaluation. Our initial tests will establish a baseline against which we will assess your progress and the effectiveness of treatment, regardless of the intervention options we pursue. Your hearing assessment might include any or all of the following:

  • Physical Observation with an Otoscope
  • Pure-Tone Preliminary Screening (includes transmitting different tones and frequencies through headphones)
  • Speech Testing (an assessment of your speech reception threshold)
  • Speech in Noise Testing (Quicksin)
  • Tympanometry Testing (assesses fluid on the ear, perforated eardrum, or wax build-up using a puff of air)
  • Acoustic Reflex Tests (evaluates how a tiny muscle in the middle ear reacts to sounds)

Our initial evaluations provide us with the information we need to diagnose your hearing capacity. As part of Duncan’s commitment to educating our patients, we will walk you through all of the data and explain what each item means.  

Step 3 - Decision Making

We will walk with you through any required decision-making processes, allowing you to have a voice in choosing the treatment option and hearing devices to suit your unique circumstances. We’ll present all of the options to you and will be there to answer any questions and discuss any concerns that you may have. 

You’re welcome to speak to your loved ones and schedule a second appointment. At your second appointment, we’ll go through your treatment plan and get things moving as quickly as possible to get you back to better hearing health.

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  • My experience at Duncan has been very positive. Staff members are very professional, genuinely kind, nurturing, and compassionate. I came to Duncan with many questions and concerns, and all were addressed personally and promptly. My anxiety disappeared rapidly through the work of the wonderful Duncan staff. I feel grateful to connect with Duncan. I would and have recommended Duncan Hearing to others.

    L. V. H. Avatar
    L. V. H.
  • I was very satisfied with my appointment this morning. Everyone was courteous and very helpful........I will keep going here for my hearing aid care and my hearing needs

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User
  • I was impressed by the thorough explanation of my test results. Dr. Duncan was very patient and answered all my questions. Rather than pushing to sell me a hearing aid she advised me to see an ENT, contacted my primary physician to determine who to refer me to, and had the staff help arrange an appointment.

    cynthia andreola Avatar
    cynthia andreola
  • All I can say is it has been wonderful, everyone is so kind and helpful.

    Janet Beauregard Avatar
    Janet Beauregard
  • The place was very clean and everyone was so knowledgeable and nice I definitely will be referring my family and friends here.

    Glory V Avatar
    Glory V