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Giving Back: Our Mission, Our Commitment

At Duncan Hearing Healthcare, we passionately believe in reaching out to make a real and tangible difference to communities around the globe. We know that the gift of hearing opens doors to communication, education, and opportunity. That’s why we’re dedicated to not just serving our local community, but also extending our hands and hearts internationally.
Our Mission in Haiti

In the face of despair, the spirit of hope and resilience prevails. This was evident when Dr. Nancy Duncan, the torchbearer of our mission, embarked on a journey to Haiti, a nation ravaged by a catastrophic earthquake.

From June 28 to July 2, Dr. Duncan offered her exceptional audiological skills to the communities in Haiti, conducting vital hearing tests and setting hearing aids for those in dire need. Her experience, marked by the powerful interactions and the evident need in the region, affirmed the vital role of such mission work.

Dr. Duncan’s mission in Haiti is more than a story of providing hearing healthcare. It is a testament to the shared humanity and the global commitment to uplift and support those in need. During her stay in Haiti, she resided with a local family, immersed in the daily life of the Haitian community, and was touched by their warmth and unyielding spirit despite the surrounding devastation.

Dr. Nancy Duncan, Au.D., performing earwax removal
Dr. Nancy Duncan, Au.D., during a mission trip in Haiti

Witnessing Resilience and Compassion

In spite of the trials Dr. Duncan faced, including a breakdown on a remote mountain, acts of overwhelming kindness and assistance from the local villagers were poignant reminders of our shared humanity.

Dr. Duncan was deeply moved by the unwavering hospitality and generosity of the Haitian people, reinforcing the spirit and purpose of her mission.

A Continuing Commitment

Reflecting on her experience, Dr. Duncan highlights the immense and ongoing need in regions like Haiti. Beyond the mission, the encounter serves as a motivating force, fueling Duncan Hearing Healthcare’s unwavering commitment to contributing positively to global health and well-being.

Our work does not end here. Dr. Duncan’s trip to Haiti is but one chapter in our ongoing narrative of global outreach and support. The immense need underscores the urgency and our responsibility to continue these efforts, bringing medical and audiological care to those in desperate need worldwide.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Duncan Hearing Healthcare invites you to be a part of this significant journey. Your contribution, in any form, amplifies the impact of these missions, furthering the reach and the scope of assistance provided. Reach out to us to explore how you can join us in this global endeavor.

In Dr. Duncan’s words, “Any help is needed. It really is a great cause and there is much need there.” Be part of the change, support the mission, and let’s together continue the journey of giving, healing, and rebuilding lives and communities across the globe. The work we do, powered by your support, echoes far and wide, creating ripples of positive change and hope in the world.

Your Partnership: A World of Change

Your partnership with Duncan Hearing Healthcare transcends local impact, contributing to a global effort in bringing the gift of hearing and the promise of renewed life and opportunity to countless individuals around the world. Your support is not just appreciated; it’s instrumental in transforming lives, communities, and futures.

Let us move forward together, embarking on this path of global giving and transformation. Join Duncan Hearing Healthcare in this mission of compassion, care, and profound global impact. Your involvement makes all the difference, and it allows hope, recovery, and a renewed spirit of community and humanity to resonate worldwide.

A young kid with a toy in her hands

Our mission trip to Haiti

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