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Trusted Hearing Care Experts Serving North And South Dartmouth, MA

Just because you have consulted with an audiologist near Dartmouth, MA who has prescribed hearing aids as the best solution to overcome your hearing challenges, it does not mean that you have to give up your active lifestyle and sports. In fact, hearing aids can enhance your exercise and sporting activities.

Educating and providing healthy hearing solutions to people in communities all over Massachusetts is the mission of Duncan Hearing Healthcare. Since 2003, thousands of patients and local physicians have turned to our team of hearing care professionals, which includes ten doctors of audiology, to provide expert hearing care for Dartmouth, Fall River, Centerville, and Falmouth, MA residents.

How We Can Help

Personalized Hearing Care Begins With A Hearing Assessment

Hockey legend, Gordie Howe, was so impressed with how hearing aids improved his balance and situational awareness while playing the sport he loved that he wished he had gotten them much earlier in life. Today’s hearing aid technology is better able to adapt to the situations encountered in sports and physical activities, so wearing your hearing aids is not only possible but is also an integral part of your equipment.

Hearing loss is a lot more common than you might believe, according to a recent national health survey, which reports that nearly 15% of the U.S. population experience some form of hearing difficulty. Ignoring your struggle with your hearing won’t make it go away, so take the first step to better hearing and an improved quality of life by scheduling a quick, non-invasive hearing assessment at our Dartmouth clinic.

Dartmouth, MA Has Access To Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

You might be worried that the only way to address your hearing problem is to wear one of those outdated, bulky devices like your parents or grandparents wore, but you can rest at ease knowing that today’s advanced hearing technology is streamlined and more powerful. Features like rechargeable batteries, noise cancellation technology, and the capacity to link your hearing aids to your smartphone, television, computer, or other digital devices make it easier for modern hearing aid technology to improve both your hearing and your lifestyle.

Unlike most hearing aid dispensers, the hearing instrument specialists at Duncan Hearing are committed to ongoing follow-up care for our hearing aids patients. Our follow-up care includes hearing aid tune-ups, clean and check services, and hearing aid repairs, which are also available to hearing aid users throughout the North and South Dartmouth communities at competitive rates, even if you’re not our patient.

Don’t Let The Ringing In Your Ears Control You

Tinnitus is a medical condition that takes control over your life by making it difficult to sleep or remain focused due to ongoing ringing, whistling, hissing, buzzing, or pulsing sounds produced by your brain. About 50 million Americans experience some form of acute tinnitus on an annual basis, but there are others who struggle with it 24/7 with no end and little hope in sight.

For those in the North and South Dartmouth, MA communities battling the stress, anxiety, loss of sleep, and focus issues due to chronic tinnitus, we provide hope. The team at Duncan Hearing has the experience and expertise to provide an accurate tinnitus assessment as well as management techniques and technology that is able to produce measurable relief from your condition.

Dartmouth's Low-Contact And No-Contact Hearing Care Solutions

Duncan Hearing Healthcare puts our patients first, which is why we commit ourselves to safe and convenient alternatives to get the hearing care help you need by using either curb-side or tele-audiology appointments.

Our low-contact, curb-side solution allows you safe and convenient access to hearing care support, such as a clean and check on your device, hearing aid repairs, troubleshooting or adjustments, and hearing tests, from the comfort of your vehicle at our Dartmouth office.

Travel, schedules, and health-related challenges have become a normal part of our busy life, which sometimes makes a hearing care appointment in our Dartmouth clinic unworkable. Although our service began in 2020 as a no-contact solution during the pandemic, we continue to provide tele-audiology as a safe and convenient alternative to addressing your hearing care needs without leaving your North or South Dartmouth home regardless of the reason.

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