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April-Ann Mehdizadeh

Patient Care Coordinator

Meet April-Ann Mehdizadeh, our dedicated Patient Care Coordinator at Duncan Hearing Healthcare. Originally from Tiverton, Rhode Island, April-Ann grew up in this vibrant community and pursued her education here as well.

As a Patient Care Coordinator, April-Ann plays a crucial role in ensuring our patients receive the best care possible. Her day-to-day activities involve managing appointments, providing essential information, and addressing any concerns patients may have.

April-Ann finds immense fulfillment in being part of the Duncan Hearing Healthcare Team. Witnessing the transformative power of restoring hearing in people’s lives brings her immeasurable joy.

One of her most cherished success stories at Duncan Hearing Healthcare is when she helped a patient’s daughter set up an appointment for her father. April-Ann said “she was so excited to get her father started with us and she was grateful that since she lived out of state that we were able to find an appointment to accommodate her trip. I can’t wait to see her father go through the process and see the positive impact it will have on their family.”

Outside of the clinic, April-Ann embraces nature and the outdoors. Whether she’s basking on the beach, exploring hiking trails, or tending to her garden, she finds solace in the beauty of nature. During the winter months, she indulges in her love for reading, immersing herself in captivating books.


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