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You may not know it, but today’s hearing aids have been a long time in development!

When people initially tried to tackle their symptoms, they used hollowed-out animal horns and large ear trumpets, which were never the best solutions!

Then, a breakthrough took place in the early twentieth century, when the first electronic hearing aids became available – providing researchers with a blueprint for future developments.

Hearing aids now come with a raft of unbelievably advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, incredible sound clarity, and remote assist options.

However, a new hearing aid model, the Resound ONE, has just become available, which manufacturers say will spark a new dawn in the way people treat their issues.

Could this lead to a design revolution?

At Duncan Hearing Healthcare, we don’t take these things lightly! 

That’s why a handful of our selected patients are now testing the ReSound ONE to see if it hits the potential that the makers say it can.

We’re happy to report that, so far, the feedback has been very promising, and actually, it’s not hard to understand why it’s so popular.

The ReSound ONE doesn’t receive sounds via a microphone positioned behind a person’s ear, like most standard hearing aids.

Instead, it takes inspiration from how we naturally focus on sounds, using the unique shape of someone’s ear to maximize their listening experience in difficult situations. 

Additionally, it comes with an advanced sound processing unit, increasing the clarity of what wearers hear. 

If you’d like to find out more about this new hearing technology, give us a call at (508) 674-3334, and we can set you up with a trial, so you can experience the difference for yourself. 

Updates from the office

Based on our patients’ great feedback, we’ve decided to continue offering our curbside service moving forward when it’s appropriate.

Also, telehealth appointments, remote assist adjustments, and live assist remote hearing aid fittings remain available for those who don’t feel comfortable coming into the office.

In exciting news, we are welcoming three new employees to Duncan Hearing Healthcare!

Ryann Souza joins us as our office assistant in Dartmouth, Patricia Henderson joins us as our new Fall River audiologist, and Shantelle Pimentel joins us as our patient care coordinator in Fall River.

We’re so happy to have them on board, and we’ll give you some more details on them once they are fully settled in at their posts.

In addition, this month is a bumper period for staff birthdays, (from left to right) with Lisa Boie, Eric Macmullen (both on October 14), and Nancy Stevenson (on October 31) all planning celebrations.

And last but not least, Dr. Carrie Landis recently welcomed a new addition to her family…a Netherland Dwarf bunny named Ellie!

We can’t wait to meet her in the future.

How one deaf filmmaker found a way to follow his dreams

Many people worry that a hearing loss diagnosis will spell the end of their ambitions.

But one deaf filmmaker, Chase Burton, didn’t let his impairment stop him from reaching his full potential.

Using the services of California tech company Not Impossible Labs, he equipped himself with a special suit that turned noises into physical sensations.

Twenty-four vibrating pads, placed around Chase’s body, told him what sort of sounds were being played at any moment, allowing him to work with composers during filming.

Chase told CNN, “I see technology as a real opportunity to bring deaf and hearing audiences together and create a new kind of experience.”

It just goes to show how any form of hearing loss can be overcome with advanced technology and a desire to reach out for help. Find the inspiring story in full here.

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