Share their struggles, triumphs, and how improved hearing could transform their holiday season and beyond.

Hear for the Holidays 2023: A Season of Giving and Listening

11/15/2023 | Hear for the Holidays, Patient Resources

Celebrating the Spirit of the Season with Duncan Hearing Healthcare 

The holiday season is about joy, togetherness, and creating memorable moments with loved ones. But imagine if you or someone close to you couldn’t fully enjoy these moments due to hearing challenges.  

At Duncan Hearing Healthcare, we understand the profound impact hearing loss can have, especially during times of celebration. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the return of our Hear for the Holidays giveaway for 2023, a heartwarming initiative dedicated to enriching lives through the gift of hearing. 

Why We’re Committed to This Cause 

At Duncan Hearing Healthcare, you’re not just a patient; you’re part of our extended family. We believe in making a difference beyond the clinic walls, deeply rooted in our commitment to community involvement and bettering the lives of those around us.  

Hearing loss affects 1 in 8 people, meaning it likely touches someone you know. By providing the gift of hearing, we’re not just offering a device; we’re restoring connections, enhancing communication, and reigniting the joy of life’s little moments. 

Nominate a Deserving Soul 

Do you know someone who’s always putting others first, someone who’s been hesitant to seek hearing care due to financial constraints, or simply someone who could use a stroke of good luck? Now is your chance to change their life.  

Nominate them for our Hear for the Holidays giveaway, where they stand a chance to win a complimentary pair of premium prescription hearing aids and top-notch hearing care. 

The Importance of Detail in Your Nomination 

Your nomination is their story. The more detailed and heartfelt your submission, the better we can understand the nominee’s journey and why they deserve this life-changing gift.  

Share their struggles, triumphs, and how improved hearing could transform their holiday season and beyond. 

Last Year’s Winners: A Testament to Community Strength 

Reflecting on last year’s giveaway, we were humbled by over 40 nominations, each story as moving as the next. We saw the community’s strength, caring for one another, and the remarkable individuals among us.  

Our winners, Peter, Mary, and Jonathan, showed us the diverse needs and profound impacts that better hearing can bring. Their stories of selflessness, resilience, and hope inspire our commitment to this cause. 

Meet the Winners 

Peter Gauvin from Dartmouth:

Nominated by friends, family, and members of his Boy Scout troop, Peter’s life has been a journey of giving. His wife’s words painted a picture of a man who always placed others before himself, despite his lifelong deafness. Winning this meant not just improved hearing for Peter but a chance to enjoy his family and friends’ company more fully. 

Mary Vezina from Fall River:

Mary’s narrative was one of unwavering strength. As a primary caregiver for her husband, her outdated hearing aids became an obstacle in her already challenging journey. Her daughter’s nomination shared how this gift would alleviate Mary’s stress and allow her to participate more fully in conversations and life. 

Jonathan Schroeder from Hyannis:

A hardworking father of three, Jonathan’s hearing loss was a lifelong challenge. His surprise nomination was made possible with help from his workplace, highlighting how deeply his family values his tireless dedication. 

What the Winners Can Look Forward To 

Winners of the Hear for the Holidays giveaway will receive:

  • Premium-level hearing devices from GN ReSound, offering unparalleled sound quality. 
  • A full year of personalized service from Duncan Hearing Healthcare, ensuring a smooth and supportive hearing journey. 
  • A delightful box of gourmet cookies from Black Tie Cookies, adding a sweet touch to their holiday cheer. 

A Call to Action 

We invite you to participate in this extraordinary opportunity to gift better hearing. Visit our Hear for the Holidays Nomination Page and share your nomination by November 30, 2023 

Remember, your words could open a world of clearer sound and stronger connections for someone special. 

Looking Ahead 

Already excited about this year’s giveaway? So are we! But remember, our doors are always open for everyone. If you or someone you know is experiencing hearing challenges, don’t wait for a special occasion.  

Reach out to us, and let’s explore how we can enhance your hearing and overall quality of life. 

At Duncan Hearing Healthcare, you’re more than a nominee or a patient; you’re a vital part of the community we cherish.  

Let’s make this holiday season a time of better hearing, deeper connections, and shared happiness. 

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Nancy Duncan, Au.D.

Dr. Nancy Duncan graduated from Somerset High, Somerset, MA in 1991 and received her B.S. in communication disorders and psychology from Worcester State College. Her master of science in audiology was awarded at the University of Arkansas in 1997, after which she worked for several private audiology practices in Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Returning to the area in 2003, Dr. Duncan founded Duncan Hearing Healthcare, allowing her to apply her passion to her community through rehabilitative audiology and individual patient care. She earned her clinical doctorate in audiology degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (now Salus University) in 2005. Her passion for her family and community is an integral part of what drives her to provide trustworthy, professional hearing healthcare to her patients.

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