We think you should know what makes the ReSound Omnia hearing aids so groundbreaking

The ReSound OMNIA: Reviews from Our Trusted Patients

12/13/2022 | Hearing Aids, Hearing Health, Patient Resources, Technology

ReSound is one of the most prominent hearing aid manufacturers in the world, and they once again have released a new wearable hearing aid featuring groundbreaking technology. We are always thankful for more options for our patients when they are selecting the right hearing aid technology that best suits them, and we are excited to be featuring the ReSound Omnia.

Released on August 25, 2022, the reviews of the ReSound Omnia have been very positive.

At Duncan Hearing Healthcare, we like to read reviews, but we feel even more comfortable hearing from our trusted patients on what they think of specific hearing aid technology. There is no review like one from a trusted friend or colleague!

Because we value real-life feedback so much, we asked several patients to give the ReSound Omnia hearing aids a try and then asked them to report back to us any positive, or negative, opinions they formed. For 14 days, the patients who chose to participate wore the hearing aids exclusively and throughout their daily lives. At the end of the 14 days, we asked each one to complete a feedback form where they could get into the nitty gritty of the functionality of this new technology.

In order to be fully transparent and help you to make the best decision in this vast hearing aid landscape, we have compiled the feedback into this article to make sure that you are fully informed before you make any purchases for yourself.

But first, we think you should know what makes the ReSound Omnia hearing aids so groundbreaking.

What makes the ReSound Omnia different?

ReSound has been making excellent hearing aid technology for many years, so the Omnia is not a completely new technology. Instead, they take what they do well and have tweaked it to make the Omnia perform even better.

The most important difference to note is that the ReSound Omnia is being branded as hearing aids that will help users hear better and with more clarity in noisy environments.

What makes this technology different from all the others?

As compared to other hearing aid technology, ReSound claims that the Omnia aids in speech understanding when in noisy environments.

Thanks to their Organic Hearing ™ technology, better speech understanding, and more ambient noise, clarity is possible. The way that this trademarked technology works is by emulating the natural hearing process of the brain so that it is able to hear the way it was intended to.

Another feature of ReSound’s Organic Hearing ™ technology is that it allows the ReSound Omnia hearing aids to be custom fit for the unique shape of each individual’s ear. This makes better hearing much more possible, as no two ear shapes are identical.

A perfect fit is guaranteed, thanks to ReSound’s in-house app, the ReSound Smart 3D ™, which supports users in finding their perfect fit that they can feel completely comfortable with.

The ReSound Omnia is outfitted with all current technology.

Since life is never predictable, the ReSound Omnia hearing aids are ready for whatever a user puts them through. They are fully weatherproof and sweatproof, which means they never need to be taken out no matter what circumstance arises.

In our digital age, it is necessary for one’s hearing aids to be fully capable of connecting wirelessly. The ReSound Omnia hearing aids boast of streaming functionality from iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Users can enjoy clear phone calls and music streaming that have been enhanced through technology updates that make the ReSound Omnia more advanced than the manufacturer’s previous devices.

The trusted hearing aid technology of ReSound has only been improved upon with the ReSound Omnia, and we are excited for our patients to get to try them for themselves.

So, What Do Our Patients Think?

For this trial, we were able to secure four participants.

After wearing ReSound Omnia hearing aids for 14 consecutive days, four patients shared their experiences with the hearing aids and whether they would recommend them or not. We want to give you a full picture of positives and negatives, so read on to hear what they thought!

Here’s what they had to say:


Julie was very impressed with the ReSound Omnia hearing aids. She noticed that, in comparison to her old device, she could hear the sounds around her much clearer and felt that her communication was better all around. And, in response to the question, “How would you describe the difference in sound quality compared to your existing hearing devices?” Julie gave a succinct answer: “Night and Day.”

Julie was able to give a specific instance where she was impressed by the Omnia; she remembers going out to lunch at a restaurant that started off quiet. As she sat, the restaurant became very noisy due to an event starting. Julie had no trouble hearing even when the noise started; but her friend that she had lunch with, who doesn’t wear hearing aids, was struggling to hear!

Clearly, Julie was a fan of the ReSound Omnia hearing aids, and she gave them a resounding 10/10 and noted that she would recommend them to others.


Jim was able to provide his feedback in video form! But in case you don’t have time to watch his verbal feedback, we want to summarize his thoughts here.

On a scale of 0-10, Jim rated the ReSound Omnia a 9.5/10. He found that he could hear more clearly overall. One moment where Jim noticed he was hearing a lot more clearly, more clearly than with his older hearing aids, is when he realized he could hear the washing machine running in the basement – a sound he hadn’t heard in quite a while!

Jim was also impressed by the 24-hour battery life and the lack of need to change batteries. As for the sound quality, he notes that it is much clearer as compared to his older device.

When asked if he would recommend the device to others, Jim answered with a quick “most definitely!”


Gloria, who also shared her feedback via a video you can watch for yourself, rated the ReSound Omnia a 6/10. She found the sound to be more tinny and was more aware of the background noise. The sound quality is better than her other hearing aids, but she felt that she needed to control the tinny quality of them. She shares the story of being at a local restaurant and, after making adjustments, was able to block out background noise to be able to hear conversation at the table. She would recommend them to others!


Michael rated the ReSound Omnia an 8/10. He found them to be very impressive in some ways; specifically, he liked the clarity of the hearing aids. When he was taking his morning walk, he could hear the wind and leaves rustling in ways that were new to him! But he did find the Bluetooth connectivity to be difficult and intermittent. The excellent sound quality really did impress Michael though and he would certainly recommend them. Check out Michael’s feedback for yourself!

Ready to Give Omnia a Try for Yourself?

The glowing reviews from our patients have solidified our opinion that the ReSound Omnia hearing aids are a great addition to our available technology. We are eager to get them into the hands, or ears, of any interested and qualified patient we serve.

If you are interested in experiencing the ReSound Omnia for yourself, then give us a call and schedule a visit soon!

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The Team at Duncan Hearing Healthcare

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