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A Possible Fix For Sound Quality Issues On iPhone 12

12/15/2020 | Industry News, Patient Resources, Troubleshooting

Duncan Hearing Healthcare understands the importance of healthy hearing. Our team of trusted professionals has an excellent reputation within the Massachusetts communities.

By providing personalized care and utilizing some of the most innovative and advanced technology, we can keep our patients happy and, most importantly, healthy.

Our audiologists and hearing care professionals can help our patients navigate and handle just about anything that comes their way by staying up-to-date and informed.

Because as helpful as hearing aids are, just like people, they are far from perfect. Individuals who have a loss of hearing may have been struggling with the sound quality issues on the newest iPhone, but, luckily, there now seems to be a solution.

Hearing aid problems and Bluetooth troubleshooting often go hand-in-hand, but with a team of well-established experts, members of the hard of hearing community have nothing to worry about.

Take a closer look at the troublesome iPhone issue’s details and how Duncan Hearing Healthcare is here to help.

Sound Quality Issues On iPhone 12

Apple’s fans and enthusiasts were probably thrilled when they learned of the technology company’s plans to roll out the brand new iPhone12 this past October. However, just a few days after it became available to the public, there was one worrisome problem that began to surface.

In one of Apple’s forums, a customer wrote,

Ever since upgrading from my iPhone 11 Max to my iPhone 12 Max, my ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids are having connection and quality issues.  I’m experiencing a lot of static and in general a touchy connection where one or both ears will cut sound.  Often times just turning my head sometimes cuts out sound from one ear.  It seems the iPhone needs to be VERY close to work as well, the distance (like laying on my desk) causes increased static and stability issues.  Anyone else having a similar issue?

It turned out many other people were indeed experiencing the same issue and a few others. Interrupted phone calls and unexplained loud sounds also made the list of grievances.


Possible Fix For Sound Quality Issues

After several comments and complaints regarding the hearing aid problems and the newest version of the iPhone, the people at Apple took action.

They informed their users that the unsettling issue would be resolved with the phone’s newest software update. However, the iOS 14.2 wasn’t quite the fix hearing aid users were hoping for.

Though some people reported a decrease in connectivity issues, many more people shared that this issue persisted.

Contact Duncan Hearing Healthcare

The latest iPhone 12 debacle is just one example of the connectivity issues that can often surface when dealing with hearing aids, Bluetooth, and technology.

Hearing aid users who use the iPhone 12 should definitely try updating the software first, but, when in doubt, Duncan Hearing Healthcare is here for you.

The audiologists and hearing health care professionals can answer any of your hearing aid troubleshooting queries and even offer full service, cleaning, and repairs for users.

Contact us today to help you protect your hearing and quality of life.

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Jacqueline Stagg HIS, AUDA

Jacqueline joined the staff at Duncan Hearing Healthcare in 2011. She is a licensed hearing instrument specialist and audiologist assistant in Massachusetts. Jacqueline is a 2005 graduate of Bridgewater State College with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish. She also fulfilled her requirements through the communication disorders program at Bridgewater State College to be licensed as an audiologist assistant in 2008.

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