“Enjoy their sushi in a bowl without spending a lot of money.”


12/16/2022 | Love Local, Patient Resources

It’s important to shop local to support small businesses in our hometowns. This is one of the best ways to keep our communities’ small business owners open and to keep our stores thriving.

The local business I’m giving a shoutout for this month is J-Petal, a Japanese crepe and Thai ice cream restaurant.

Great Prices

I’ve been a customer of J-Petal for three years, and I’m choosing to spotlight them because anyone can enjoy their sushi in a bowl without spending a lot of money.

My favorite thing about this business is that they have delicious poke bowls, and you can sample every kind of poke bowl. Try their spicy poke bowl if you like spicy tuna rolls or salmon.

The staff is very nice and helpful, and the restaurant is spacious with lots of seating.

j-petal poke bowl

Unique Ice Cream and Drinks

They also make amazing Thai ice cream and have wonderful bobo teas. I have not had a bad one yet. Their Thai ice cream is rolled, making it look like petals, and some are served with a macaron on top.

Kids love their lightbulb drinks that are served in a lightbulb-shaped cup. Try Thai tea with lychee or mango pina colada.

Gluten-Free Crepes

Crepes are both sweet and savory, and they are gluten free, as they are made with rice flour. Fill your savory crepe with steak or shrimp and any number of add-ons.

Come Visit!

1125 Grand Army of the Republic Hwy., Somerset, MA 02726 | (508) 567-6802

Business Hours

Mon.:              Closed
Tue. – Thu.:   11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Fri. – Sat.:        11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Sun.:                Noon – 9:30 p.m.

Order online for carryout or delivery.

Drop in for breakfast, lunch, or a mid-afternoon snack!

Do you run a local business? Is there a local business that you think we should write about or try next? Call us so we can give them a friendly shoutout. Fall River: 508-674-3334 | Hyannis: 508-862-0255 | Dartmouth: 508-910-2221

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Lisa Boie, Patient Care Coordinator

Lisa is a coastal native of the West Coast. She grew up and went to school in many different locations including Philippines, Japan, Arizona and California. Raised in California, her special skills as a preschool teacher for 20 years, 5 years of gym management, and coming from a family with strong military ties allow her to make a significant contribution to coordinating patient care at Duncan Hearing Healthcare. Her favorite thing about working at Duncan Hearing is meeting new people and being able to help out people in need. When Lisa is not providing our patients with excellent care, she enjoys hiking adventures in New Hampshire and hanging out with her boyfriend, two grown sons and grandbaby.

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    Patient Care Coordinator at a Fast-Growing and Locally Respected Hearing Care Practice

    This isn’t just a “job”. It’s an opportunity to be part of a locally respected and passionate group of people that have built a stellar reputation as the most caring, trustworthy, and experienced audiological groups in Fall River, Dartmouth, and Hyannis.

    We’re now seeking somebody that wants to join our “family” and shows the same commitment that we show our staff and be part of shaping our future, as a Patient Care Coordinator.

    We have 3 positions to fill, 1 full time, 1 part time with the opportunity to grow into a full time role, and 1 part time.


    If you want to know more about who we are and whether our company culture is right for you, before further investing your time in this job advert, then please click here.


    As you’re still reading, you must like what you’ve seen.

    The truth is, we’ve developed a very special culture, and we’re absolutely committed to maintaining it. The person that we hire must be a great fit, and we’re prepared to wait until the perfect match comes along.

    Although your experience plays a key role in this process, your personality traits and attitude are the number one priority. If this is how your co-workers and friends would describe you, then we may be the ideal match:

    • Always happy, smiles a lot, positive attitude, always a pleasure to be around.
    • Friendly, warm, an extrovert, a people person – this comes across the very first time you meet someone, even on the telephone.
    • Patient, compassionate, helpful especially with older people. Even temperament, calm, always pleasant, unflappable. Has a knack for being able to turn a frown into a smile.
    • Committed, dedicated, a great teammate, pitches in without being asked, puts team accomplishments ahead of individual accomplishments.
    • Accurate, detailed, gets things right, double checks their own work, makes very few mistakes
    • Owns it, credits others for successes, and accepts responsibility for failures. Always finds a constructive way to solve a problem.
    • Coachable, doesn’t get defensive, accepts feedback with a positive attitude. Always looking for ways to grow and improve.
    • Reliable, dependable, doesn’t just arrive on time, but often comes in a little early to make sure they’re prepared for the day; willing to stay late when there’s work that needs to be done.

    These statements also describe the people you’ll be working alongside, meaning that you’ll quickly discover that this is much more than a group of co-workers, it feels like a family.

    We have spoken about whether you’re the right fit for this role and you’re still reading which indicates that you have the personality traits/attitude that we’re looking for. So, let’s now look at the specific duties of the role.

    As a Patient Care Coordinator the right candidate will play a critical role in helping deliver patient success.

    You will be playing a critical role in helping patients and being the problem solver that ensures patients remain happy, the audiologists can deliver hearing healthcare, and the business runs seamlessly.

    Duties include:

    • Scheduling & confirming patient appointments, check-ups and physician referrals.
    • Ultilize electronic database system
    • Managing phone calls, checking messages, returning missed calls, changing greeting when necessary
    • Checking patients in & out of appointments
    • Working directly with insurance companies to determine patient specific coverage and understanding current HIPAA laws
    • Insurance billing
    • Data entry & record keeping
    • Troubleshooting minor hearing aid issues
    • Collecting and recording payments

    If the above sounds like the kind of role that you have been waiting for, at the type of practice that you want to be part of, then here’s what we’re looking for from you.

    • Strong interest in patient care and hearing health
    • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
    • Experience with electronic database systems

    You’re still here, so you must like the sound of our company culture, believe you’re the right personality fit for the role, and have the experience/qualifications that we’re looking for.

    Finally, let’s discuss the wage and benefits of being part of this journey.

    The salary is negotiable based on experience and includes a structured career-journey for growth that can see our experienced members of the team working their way through different wage brackets, as well as benefiting from a high-rewarding commission structure.

    Additional benefits include:

    • Life insurance
    • Paid time off
    • Retirement plan

    The working schedule is:

    • 8 hour shift for full time employees
    • Day shift
    • Monday to Friday

    If you believe that this is the right fit for both you and us, then we would love to talk.

    Please send your resume over as well as any additional information that you believe will make you stand out and capture our attention.

    We very much look forward to hearing from you.