Wearing hearing aids on a daily, routine basis, and taking care of your ears with professional, personalized hearing care, could literally save your life.

Wearing Hearing Aids Can Help You Live Longer

03/05/2024 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

Untreated hearing loss has often been linked to various negative effects to your mental and physical health, but many people don’t realize how much your hearing affects your entire body. 

Fifteen million people in the United States actively avoid seeking treatment for their hearing loss—whether due to the stigma around hearing aids, fear of aging, or even simply ignoring it altogether.  

However, there’s a silver lining to these studies: they bring awareness to the importance of caring for your hearing and getting rid of the negative connotations that come with hearing aids.  

Seeking out treatment for hearing loss doesn’t make you old—it makes you smart, and conscious of your health! 

A recent study caught my eye recently about hearing aids, one taken on by Dr. Janet Choi from Keck Medicine of USC. After studying almost ten thousand people with hearing loss challenges—with one group wearing hearing aids regularly and the other group not wearing them at all—she found that the group who wore them had an amazing 24 percent lower risk of mortality. 

Wearing hearing aids on a daily, routine basis, and taking care of your ears with professional, personalized hearing care, could literally save your life. 

How Do Hearing Aids Help Me Live Longer? 

While hearing aids alone aren’t the one solution to hearing loss, taking care of your hearing with professional treatment will provide ample benefits to your entire body’s health, not just that of your ears. 

With better hearing comes a better understanding of the world around you. From hearing the people in conversation around you to the cars honking on the street, healthier hearing will keep you safer by alerting you to the sounds you need to hear. 

It makes sense that people shy away from hearing aids; for many years, when people pictured hearing aids, they were clunky, pale pink or white devices that whistled in your ears, and they certainly weren’t very subtle! 

Thankfully, today’s advanced hearing aid technology is not only significantly more powerful, but also sleek and discreet. People won’t know you’re wearing a hearing aid, especially with models that can be color-matched to skin or hair colors. 

Choi’s study brings awareness to the importance of hearing aids, and she avidly encourages people to seek treatment for their hearing loss challenges, especially as she’s had lifelong hearing loss herself.  

“I’ve tried at least three different hearing aids,” Choi said. But when I found the one that really fit me and that I liked, I was surprised by the sound that I was missing.” 

How Duncan Hearing Can Help You

If you’re concerned about your hearing, then you’re in the right place.

Our team are here to help you through every step of your hearing health journey, from your first hearing assessment to your follow-up appointments and ear cleanings.

Please feel free to request a callback if you have questions—a member of our team will contact you with the answers, support, and advice you need.

If you’d rather not wait, you can find your closest clinic and contact us over the phone. 

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Nancy Duncan, Au.D.

Dr. Nancy Duncan graduated from Somerset High, Somerset, MA in 1991 and received her B.S. in communication disorders and psychology from Worcester State College. Her master of science in audiology was awarded at the University of Arkansas in 1997, after which she worked for several private audiology practices in Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Returning to the area in 2003, Dr. Duncan founded Duncan Hearing Healthcare, allowing her to apply her passion to her community through rehabilitative audiology and individual patient care. She earned her clinical doctorate in audiology degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (now Salus University) in 2005. Her passion for her family and community is an integral part of what drives her to provide trustworthy, professional hearing healthcare to her patients.

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