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If you’re looking for hearing care experts that you can trust, then you’re in the right place. Duncan Hearing Healthcare’s 5-star ratings, as well as numerous testimonials, are evidence of the confidence we inspire in our patients.

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  • I purchased my hearing aids online, and was pleased to learn that Duncan Hearing was willing to provide necessary after-care on a pay-for-service basis rather than demanding that I also purchase my hearing aids from them. I wanted after-sale verification that the aids I purchased matched my audiologic prescription, and Duncan Hearing professional Jackie Stagg performed that test in an efficient manner. She was both personable and professional, and made the appropriate changes to ensure that my hearing aids are doing what they should be doing. The fee for the service was more than reasonable. I am very satisfied with the services of Duncan Hearing, and look forward to working with them in the future.

    Kevin Harren Avatar
    Kevin Harren
  • I first realized I may have a hearing loss about a year ago. I was concerned that I would always be having to adjust the volume on my hearing aids if I was to start wearing them.

    Once I visited Duncan Hearing, my first impressions were super, the staff was very friendly, sociable, and knowledgable, they explained specifically about the hearing aids.

    Since I have started to wear my hearing aids, my life has changed for the better. I can hear people better, without missing any information. If you are considering visiting Duncan Hearing, I would say take a chance! Life will be a lot more enjoyable when you don't miss what is being said when you can hear!

    C. Pimentel Avatar
    C. Pimentel
  • This is new norm. The curbside service was easy, quick, efficient. Was very quick to adapt to current situation and I felt safe and secure.

    Joseph P Avatar
    Joseph P
  • I EMailed on a Sunday evening, not expecting a call back, but I did. The problem was minor with my new hearing aids and I received a solution within a 1/hour and a follow up call on Monday. Thank you Duncan Hearing.

    Michael Foy Avatar
    Michael Foy
  • great place everbody that works here are very nice and professional

    Ronald Weaver Avatar
    Ronald Weaver