Curbside Appointments: The Convenient, Simple, and No-Contact Way to Care for Your Hearing

In March 2020, when COVID-19 first became prominent throughout the US, the decision was made to create a simple and contact-free way for patients to continue to receive the hearing care and support that they needed during the difficult times.

What followed was hundreds of curbside appointments as our team continued to service patients, clean their devices with heightened sanitation protocols, and assist in any adjustments required to devices.

It quickly became clear that Curbside Appointments was not a short-term solution during COVID-19, but instead, it was a way to continue to support patients for the foreseeable future in a way that was much more convenient for many of our patients.

What is a Curbside Appointment?

At its most basic, this is drive-thru audiology – but rather than delivering you a burger and fries – you have one of our hearing care professionals come to your vehicle and offer you the support and help that you need in a contact-free way.

This includes:

  • Emergency Visits
  • Seasonal Clean & Checks
  • Annual Hearing Assessments
  • And Hearing Assessments for New Patients 

You can simply stay in the comfort of your own car and our team will be there to help and offer the assistance that you need. 

How Does It Work?

All appointments must be scheduled in advance. Then, at the agreed time of your appointment, you simply drive to the designated area (marked by signposts) in our parking lot.

  • If you’re at our Fall River office, then you should drive into the circular drive and call 508-674-3334.
  • If you’re at our Dartmouth location, then find a parking space and call 508-910-2221.
  • If you’re at our Centerville location, then find a parking space and call 508-862-0255.
  • Or if you’re at our Falmouth location, then find a parking space and call 508-548-8123.

During the call, you simply share what vehicle you are in and a member of our team will be with you within the next few minutes.

Your hearing care professional will then be able to assist and even offer you a drink of your choice while you wait.

Receiving 5-star hearing care has never been easier.

curbside appointment image

How to Schedule a Curbside Visit?

If you would like to visit in a convenient and no-contact manner, then a “Curbside Appointment” is perfect for you.

Simply call your local office or complete this form and we’ll be able to help you find a convenient time slot for you to visit, with options the very same day often available.

You can then visit and we’ll be fully prepared to give you a warm welcome!

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

– Frequently Asked Questions –

Q: How Does a Hearing Test in My Car Work?

Although it may feel strange, many patients are benefiting from these new hearing tests. During the start of COVID-19, we invested in some incredible technology that allows you to have professional hearing tests outside of a sound booth.

By wearing noise-cancelling headphones and using a sanitized tablet, you can follow the options and have your hearing assessed.

It then shares the results immediately so that we can discuss and make any amendments to your existing devices.

Q: What's the Average Wait Time?

When you pull into the designated area and call us, we will be by your side within 1 to ten minutes. Then, depending on the reason for your visit, we’ll be able to advise on your wait times.

If it’s a quick clean and check of your existing devices, then you can expect to be relaxing in your car for 15-20 minutes.

Q: Can Others Be in The Car with Me?

Yes, your loved ones are welcome and encouraged.

 However, please ensure that all people in the vehicle are wearing face masks.