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The Accessory Rental Program

A little help on Special Occasions

Hearing aids can improve your general communication significantly but often come up short in those large group gatherings or difficult listening situations you may find yourself in on occasion.   Did you know that there are many accessories that can enhance these situations tremendously, and work in conjunction with your hearing aids?

The mult-mic is a great example.  This small clip-on microphone is designed to clip onto your companion and stream the sound of their voice directly to your hearing aids.  Most people find that their hearing aids do a good job on a day to day basis, but there are occasions that you may want to get more performance from your aids.

For example, we recently had a patient that was attending his son’s wedding and he was concerned leading up to the special day that he wouldn’t be able to hear during the ceremony since there would be an increase in backround noise and he would be sitting far from where the vows would be recited.  He certainly did not want to miss the reciting of the vows and celebrating that moment with his loved ones.  Luckily, he was able to get a multi-mic for the day which was worn by the officiant. This enabled the ceremony to be streamed directly to his devices and he could be fully present and he didn’t have to miss a word.

We acknowledge that not everyone can afford to spend that extra money on accessories after purchasing their new devices.  So,with that in mind we would like to introduce a new program below.

Accessory Rental Program

Patient Renting a Hearing Aid Accessory at Duncan Hearing Healthcare

This program is for patients who may not want to invest in an accessory for the long term, but would benefit from a short term solution. This program would apply to all accessories including multi-mics, TV streamers, remotes and chargers.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Either complete the form on this page or call us to let us know you are interested in renting an accessory. You should also include the date and a few details of the event so we can help you choose what accessory would be best for you.
  2. We will schedule an appointment where we will demonstrate the accessory to you or if you are familiar with what you need we can have it ready to be picked up at the front desk.
  3. After your agreed time period is complete you can return the device back to us.

By allowing our patients to experience all the advantages of an accessory without having to purchase it, the Accessory Rental Program is another benefit that Duncan Hearing Healthcare is excited to offer the community.

Situations Where You May Benefit from an Accessory

1. Special Occasions

When attending a wedding, reunion or any other special event where you want to be able to hear everything and not feel left out due to your hearing deficit.  A multi-mic would help stream sound directly to your ears.

2. Lectures, Business meetings and Educational Settings

A multi-mic can be placed near the speaker or the instructor to stream directly to your hearing aids. This will capture their voice and allow you to participate in conversations and work groups.

3. Outdoor activities

When engaging in outdoor activities like hiking or birdwatching, the multi-mic can be attached to the person you are with, helping you hear their commentary, instructions, or the sounds of nature more distinctly, even in windy or noisy environments.

4. Out of town visitors

You may have a relative or friend who is visiting you and has hearing aids but no accessories.  They would benefit from a TV streamer which allows the sound of the TV to stream directly to their aids.  This allows conversations to occur without everyone having to speak over the increased volume of the TV and allows two people to watch television at two different volume settings so everyone can enjoy!

5. Temporary Solutions

We also have chargers to rent out for anyone in need of a temporary solution.  You may have forgotten your charger at home or simply forgotten to bring it with you.  You can rent a charger from us and not have to suffer without your hearing aids working.  

Register Your Interest in The Rental Program

If you would like to rent an accessory for an upcoming event or situation, then simply complete this form and we’ll call you to discuss and arrange for you to pick them up.

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