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Professional Cerumen (Earwax) Removal in Fall River & Dartmouth

If your ears feel blocked, clogged up, or if you feel that you’re struggling to hear as well as you once did, then there’s a strong chance that it may be due to a buildup of earwax.

Earwax is a natural substance that your body produces to trap unwelcome dirt and dust.

It has protective properties that prevent bacteria from reaching the inner ear and prevents the growth of certain bacteria and fungi that can lead to ear infections.

In most cases, earwax should be celebrated and appreciated!

But when you have an over-accumulation of earwax (too much) or impacted earwax, then it can cause many challenges, including a temporary or a sudden hearing loss, a feeling of fullness in your ear, dizziness, headaches, balance issues, and ear pain.

The causes of impacted earwax can vary, but the most common reason is using cotton swabs to attempt to “clean” your ears. That just leads to the earwax being pushed deeper into your canal, leading to a buildup or blockage.

Although there are many myths and misconceptions about removing earwax, the safest and most effective way is to work with an audiologist or health professional that has helped hundreds of other local people with the same challenges.

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The Myths & Misconceptions Surrounding Earwax

MYTH #1 – ‘My body creates too much earwax!’

This is rarely true – your ear typically creates the right amount of wax to keep your ears debris-free, but if you clean them too much, your body will make more and this can also lead to a blockage.

MYTH #2 – ‘I can use a cotton swab to remove earwax’

Please do not do this; it can be very dangerous and will often cause more problems than it solves. Cotton swabs are one of the leading reasons that many people experience a buildup of earwax or blockage by pushing the earwax too deep into their ear canal.

MYTH #3 – ‘There are tutorials online that I can follow to remove my own earwax’

There are also tutorials online of how to cut your own hair or how to perform your own electrical work – it doesn’t mean that it’s the smartest or safest approach. The long-term risks of not consulting a professional outweigh the small investment that is required to have a specialist help you.

MYTH #4 – ‘My ear will naturally clean/fix itself’

If your ears are blocked or sore, then they need attention – leaving your ear to fix the problem itself could lead to ear infections and/or permanent damage.

How Does Earwax Removal Work?

Earwax removal expert performing ear inspection prior to earwax removal procedure
#1 – You’ll be Welcomed to One of Our Convenient Offices

You’ll receive instructions prior to your appointment to let you know where to park and where to go, and we’ll be excitedly awaiting to meet you!

#2 – We’ll discuss the reasons for your visit

Before we look into your ears, we’ll understand the reason for your visit – what challenges you have been facing and whether you’ve had any previous challenges with your hearing.

#3 – It’s time to look into your ears

By using a professional video otoscope, we’ll look into your ears and determine what is causing the blockage while showing you what we can see on a screen in front of you.

#4 – It’s time to say bye to your buildup of earwax

To remove your earwax, we’ll use a state-of-the-art earigator machine that will flush your ears with water and remove all your wax! For tougher-to-reach blockages, we can also use a curette, which is a skinny, scoop-like tool that allows us to carefully remove the wax.

#5 – Your ears will feel like brand new!

This is usually a nice moment as you realize just how much of an impact that earwax was having on your hearing – it feels like your ears are finally popping after a long flight!

#6 – Grab a freshly baked cookie on the way out.

Every morning, we bake delicious homemade cookies and before you go, you can take one to eat on your drive home!

Earigator Provides A Safe, Effective, Advanced Solution For Earwax Removal

The Earigator is a highly effective and pain-free way of removing earwax that has brought relief to tens of thousands of patients with no adverse effects reported.

You will enjoy the feeling of the warm water massaging your ear without any lingering pain that sometimes comes as a result of using traditional methods. Best of all, it is the easiest, safest, and most effective means of gently removing earwax, even the stubborn stuff, available on today’s market.

Earigator was designed by an Otologist, combining the functions of an otoscope and irrigation into one and providing the most advanced means of cerumen control with the least amount of discomfort, if any at all.

Its self-contained temperature control keeps the water at body temperature, eliminating any caloric or vertigo side effects, while pressure regulation allows for the removal of impacted earwax without endangering the eardrum.

LED illumination with magnification gives your doctor a better view of what’s going on inside your ear canal for more effective, targeted earwax removal that can be accomplished in three to five minutes.

The Earigator helps encourage those who wear hearing aids, use earplugs, or frequently struggle with impacted earwax to schedule regular earwax removal appointments and avoid the aching, stuffiness, muted sound, and ringing in the ears associated with earwax buildup before they start.

Duncan Hearing uses the Earigator as our first option for attacking earwax buildup and impacted earwax in order to provide greater safety, more effective removal, and the highest level of comfort for our patients.

Our Audiologist, Carrie, performing earwax removal

Before and After the Removal of Earwax

Before and after earwax removal and ear cleaning at Duncan Hearing Healthcare inside the ear image

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