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Get Access To Advanced Hearing Care, Irrespective Of Where You Purchased Your Hearing Aids

When it comes to your hearing health, you know firsthand that it doesn’t just stop when you buy hearing aids, as to achieve quality hearing throughout your life, ongoing care, service, and support from the experts is key.

But not everyone is aware of that, which is why, for so many who purchase hearing devices online or through a big box store, they’re not getting anywhere near the follow-up service they need, leaving them frustrated and in need of support.

What’s more, we’re hearing that many people don’t seek out support from audiologists or hearing care specialists because they believe that as they bought their hearing devices elsewhere, it precludes them from specialist help.

As some of the most reputable audiologists in Fall River, Centerville, Dartmouth, and Falmouth we completely understand why this is happening and want you to know that we are here for anyone who may need our help, which is why we developed our “Hear For You Plan,” which allows you to access advanced hearing care, support, and expertise irrespective of where you purchased your hearing devices from.

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What Patients Say

The ‘Hear For You Plan’ Treats Everyone The Same – Here’s What’s Included:

The “Hear For You Plan” includes all the benefits that our patients receive, ensuring that you can receive the same levels of ongoing support and care from a trusted local provider.

Comprehensive diagnostic testing and evaluation – These advanced tests look beyond your basic ability to hear and focus heavily on ensuring your hearing health is prioritized through comprehensive testing.
Annual hearing tests
Same-day walk-in troubleshooting and in-office repairs, plus fine-tuning and personalization and reprogramming
Professional hearing aids clean (whenever you need it)
Professional earwax removal if your ears feel blocked, clogged or you are struggling to hear
Friendly guidance regarding proper use and system adaptations
Helpful otoscopy videos (that explain how your ears work and how we work your ears!)
Plus, should you ever need to step into new hearing technology, you will benefit from:

  • Expert impressions of your ear for custom fitted products
  • Expert fitting and adjustments to your individual hearing profile
  • Personalized device selection, guidance, and demonstration

Patient Stories

Learn More About The ‘Hear For You Plan’

To learn more about our “Hear For You Plan” and to schedule your consultation to ensure you’re getting the best performance from your existing hearing devices, please complete the form and we’ll contact you shortly.

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