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Oticon is one of the oldest hearing aid manufacturers, having developed and distributed hearing aids as electric Acousticon devices in 1904. Oticon became a global company in 1965, made the first ultra-discreet in-the-ear (ITE) hearing device in 1977, and made its first digital device in 1996.

The main focus of Oticon’s second century has been on Brain Hearing, which focuses on supporting how the brain processes sound and providing the assistance it needs as well as developing Life Changing Technology for hearing aid users. Their “people first” approach is behind the company’s technological innovations.

Oticon hearing aids by Duncan Hearing

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Oticon’s Hearing Technology Solutions

Oticon’s Opn solution enhanced the capacity of the device wearer to distinguish multiple speakers within a noisy environment, while also being the first hearing device capable of internet connectivity (ConnectClip) using the IFTTT (If This Then That) Network.

Another Life Changing innovation of Oticon is its Tinnitus SoundSupport, which is integrated into their hearing device using streaming and allows for the transmission of white noise and other tinnitus masking sounds to bring auditory relief.

Oticon’s Genie fitting and counseling tool helps your hearing care provider fit your device while allowing for ongoing counseling and support without the necessity of an in-office appointment.

Oticon More miniRITE hearing aid

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Patient Focused Hearing Care from Duncan Hearing

Oticon hearing aids are among the advanced hearing technology solutions available from our professional audiologists and Duncan Hearing Healthcare to help address your hearing care needs, but you are still the primary focus of the personalized care we provide.

Our use of comprehensive hearing assessments to accurately identify your hearing challenges, guidance in selecting the hearing instruments best suited to address your specific type and severity of hearing loss, your budget and personal preferences, and our dedication to providing ongoing support are all part of providing personalized care.

We take things further with technical support, device maintenance, and hearing aid repair of devices from manufacturers like Oticon, ReSound, Rexton, Phonak, and more, making it possible for us to deliver better hearing and a better quality of life to those with hearing loss all across Massachusetts.

If you, or a loved one, has a hearing challenge or you need some help from one of our hearing instrument specialists, contact the Fall River, Centerville, or Dartmouth location nearest you using the adjacent form.

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