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Persona Medical produced its first hearing aids more than five decades ago. Though various technological changes and refinements have been added to its product line, Persona’s goal to “remain on the cutting edge with advanced innovations yet to be developed by any other company” continues to hold true.

Persona Medical hearing aids by Duncan Hearing

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Innovations Available From Persona Hearing Aids

Persona’s Adaptive Feedback Cancellation system is so advanced that it can be used in music. Dynamic Speech Enhancement Compression improves the level of listening comfort for conversations when there is a lot of background noise.

Sombra Series hearing aids come in both BTE and RIC styles that feature Null Tracking Adaptive Directional Microphones and the Auto Switching Telephone pick-up, which can be adjusted to fit you using VoicePro software. Sombra models also feature All-In-One Speech Enhancement, a moisture barrier, and a multi-functional rocker style switch that allows for greater user flexibility.

Power BTE digital instruments from Persona include Trimmer Control for total frequency response adjustment to address the needs of individuals with the most profound hearing loss.

A smaller version of Persona’s BTE, the Mini BTE, features Moisture Protection and Wax Barriers to lengthen the life of the instrument, while TeleSolutions for phone applications and FocusMic Systems improve speech comprehension in noisy environments and enhance your overall hearing experience.

Different styles of Persona Medical hearing aids

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Patient-Focused Hearing Care From Duncan Hearing

While Persona provides us with fantastic, cutting-edge technological solutions, the main focus of the personalized care provided by our audiologists is on you. To help you achieve better hearing and a more active and independent lifestyle, we use comprehensive hearing tests, help you through the process of choosing the instrument that’s best for you, and provide ongoing technical support and instrument care to address your unique hearing care needs.

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