Top 5 Holiday Gifts For Hearing Aid Wearers

12/07/2021 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

If you’re like me, you may have people in your life who are difficult to buy for when it comes to Holiday Gift giving. For me, it’s my parents. They have a lifetime and a house full of memories, furniture, gadgets, and knick-knacks. They really don’t want anything else.

So, I always go to the, “what do they “really need but wouldn’t buy for themselves” list”. Well, many of my patients’ loved ones have started doing the same and have reached out and asked me “What sorts of gifts can I get that might help them with their hearing?”

I decided to put together a list of the most popular gifts for the friend or loved one in your life who wears hearing aids including what you could expect to spend and where you may be able to find these items.

I hope this helps!

Let the Countdown Begin

5. Amplified Telephones

  • ClearSounds UltraClear Amplifying Speakerphones
  • Handset can amplify up to 50dB on some models
  • Ringer can increase up to 95-104dB depending on the model
  • Large Backlit Buttons for increased visibility
  • Talking Caller ID
  • Volume controlled speakerphone
  • Emergency SOS Pendant available on some models to contact emergency numbers remotely

Price range $115.00-$179.95

4. Sonic Boom Amplified/Vibrating Alarm Clock

  • Extra Loud Alarms for deep sleepers or hearing impaired volume up to 113dB
  • Bed shaker to shake you awake
  • Dual alarms
  • Large Display for increased visibility

Price Range- $54.57-$140.00

3. PerfectDry Lux

  • Electronic dehumidifier designed to remove moisture from all type of hearing aids including rechargeable devices
  • UV-C lamp for sanitizing hearing devices
  • 30 min drying cycle
  • Auto Shut off
  • Three year warranty

Price Range- $59-$80

2. Gift Certificate From Your Loved Ones Hearing Care Professional

Reach out and see if they offer gift certificates which can be used for accessories, services such as hearing aid checks, appointments, wax removal, hearing aid repairs or towards future purchases of new devices.

(Available at your local hearing care practice)

1. Hearing Device Accessories

Most manufacturers of hearing devices offer accessories to improve a user’s experiences for specific settings. Your loved one would need the accessories designed for their specific hearing devices as accessories are not universal. It may be best to reach out to their hearing care professional to find out if their hearing devices are compatible with any accessories. The following accessories are available for most hearing devices :

Television Streamer

This will allow the hearing aid user to stream the sound of the television directly to their compatible hearing devices. The volume of the television can then be adjusted independently by the hearing aid user while the non hearing aid user can adjust the television volume however they want.

Multi-Microphone (Companion Microphone)

This accessory can be used in a variety of ways. First, it can be worn by a person you would like to hear better in a difficult listening situation such as a restaurant, or riding in the car. The device will stream their voice directly to the hearing devices so it will be louder than the surrounding background noise. You can also plug this accessory into any headphone jack to make any device stream so it can be used with a computer or radio.

Remote Control

Remote controls work great for people who don’t have a smartphone or a compatible cell phone. Most hearing devices available today are compatible with some smartphones which can be used as a remote control, if not this accessory can help. A remote control will allow you to increase or decrease the volume of your hearing aids and change programs based on your settings and the environment you are in.

Cell Phone Streamer

This device allows the user to make their non compatible smartphone or flip phone compatible with their hearing devices. Therefore they could stream telephone calls to their hearing aids and could also adjust the volume and change programs on their devices if they were programmed accordingly by their hearing care practitioner.

PRICE RANGE- $175-$390

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Nancy Duncan, Au.D.

Dr. Nancy Duncan graduated from Somerset High, Somerset, MA in 1991 and received her B.S. in communication disorders and psychology from Worcester State College. Her master of science in audiology was awarded at the University of Arkansas in 1997, after which she worked for several private audiology practices in Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Returning to the area in 2003, Dr. Duncan founded Duncan Hearing Healthcare, allowing her to apply her passion to her community through rehabilitative audiology and individual patient care. She earned her clinical doctorate in audiology degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (now Salus University) in 2005. Her passion for her family and community is an integral part of what drives her to provide trustworthy, professional hearing healthcare to her patients.

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