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Why Duncan Hearing Healthcare Are Prepared For Whatever Happens Next | Our Big Lessons From COVID And Our Long-Term Promise To You

06/16/2021 | Industry News, Patient Resources

When the world stopped last year, so too did many businesses, meaning they were forced to close their doors.

But, even though business was ground to halt, your hearing health needs did not, which meant it was so important for us to ensure we were doing all we could to support you during that time.

That’s why, in this article, I want to share with you some of our biggest lessons from the pandemic and the steps we have taken to ensure that we can deliver on our long-term promises to you and the hundreds of local people that trust us for all their hearing healthcare needs.

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2 Biggest Lessons From The Pandemic

Lesson 1: Being able to adapt is essential!  

When the pandemic hit, it’s safe to say everyone was on the back-foot; it all happened so quickly that people had to make quick-fire decisions there and then.

Having an open mind and being able to adapt with a willing attitude to change was a big lesson for us, and once we learned very quickly, as it was of paramount importance that our patients didn’t lose out on the care they needed from us.

We immediately upped our game by introducing remote and curb-side audiology services, which has set a new precedent for what it means to be truly adaptive in the interests of safety and care for our patients.

Lesson 2: Teamwork makes the dream work.

The last 18 months have proven just how important my team is, as I could not have managed to keep things going without them during this crazy time. This sense of everyone mucking in and pulling together is a sight to behold and something I’m so proud of.

In conclusion, the pandemic made our clinic here at Duncan Hearing Healthcare and those who work here stronger, and we’re now doubly confident that we can take on anything thrown at us.

We’re More Prepared Than Ever

So, the big question is, if anything like this were to happen again, would Duncan Hearing Healthcare be prepared?

I can safely say, YES!

Taking from our new-found experience in surviving through a pandemic, should we ever find ourselves in this position once more, we have set ourselves up to:

  • Deliver most, if not all of our care remotely, including remote hearing aid activations and adjustments, and virtual telehealth visits
  • Offer curb-side testing, curb-side care, remote hearing aid activations, and adjustments, and we are set up to do virtual telehealth visits.

These were all things that were either not in existence or not familiar to us 2 short years ago, but means we’re now doubly, if not triply prepared now!

Looking At The Future & Our Promise To You

We’re not naïve to assume that everything will immediately go back to normal, but looking towards the future, there is certainly hope.

We now know how the virus works; we know what is effective and what is not. The virus has completed its second seasonal cycle, and the vaccinations are proving to be effective.

For us at Duncan Hearing Healthcare, we are back to being fully staffed and fully open, and it really is great to see our patients again.

Simply put, we are the most trusted audiology experts in our field here in Massachusetts. This continued pursuit for better, and by making patient preferences a priority, our promise is to be here for you for the long haul.

If you’re considering who to partner with and want to ensure that you choose somebody that has your back, both now and forever, I sincerely hope that this article supports you in your decision.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your circumstances, then call your nearest office by clicking here.

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Nancy Duncan, Au.D.

Dr. Nancy Duncan graduated from Somerset High, Somerset, MA in 1991 and received her B.S. in communication disorders and psychology from Worcester State College. Her master of science in audiology was awarded at the University of Arkansas in 1997, after which she worked for several private audiology practices in Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Returning to the area in 2003, Dr. Duncan founded Duncan Hearing Healthcare, allowing her to apply her passion to her community through rehabilitative audiology and individual patient care. She earned her clinical doctorate in audiology degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (now Salus University) in 2005. Her passion for her family and community is an integral part of what drives her to provide trustworthy, professional hearing healthcare to her patients.

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