Hearing Health Awareness Month: What We Learned

10/05/2020 | Local News

As audiologists, we know the importance of healthy hearing.

It doesn’t just ensure that you can connect with loved ones, but it’s also one of the best ways to reduce the risks of long-term cognitive issues.

With the advent of COVID-19 and the wide-spread use of masks, more patients are realizing just how much of an issue their hearing has become.

We feel now, more than ever, that educating people on when it’s time to get your hearing checked is crucially important.

That’s why throughout August 2020, we hosted our Hearing Health Awareness Month, spreading the word about care and treatment possibilities to people in Fall River, Centerville, and Dartmouth.

These are some of the ways in which we raised awareness:

Helpful and Informative Articles

To help educate the community, we crafted three detailed articles sharing facts and helpful information around hearing loss and the importance of addressing your personal challenges.

#1 – What Happens at a Comprehensive Hearing Assessment?

Every time someone comes to see us for the first time, it’s the start of an amazing personal journey to better hearing. Here, we shared information about first appointments from start to finish.

Click Here to Read

#2 – Why Do So Many People Have an Untreated Hearing Loss?

The team at Duncan Hearing Healthcare treats hundreds of patients successfully for issues each year. But this article showed why it’s still common for many to delay their appointments.

Click Here to Read

#3 – Why the Team Is Passionate About Healthy Hearing

Your hearing health is our top priority. Find out why we as a team are so passionate about helping people to treat their problems successfully.

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We Shared the Message Loud & Proud

During Hearing Health Awareness Month, we took it upon ourselves to reach out to as many people as possible, through direct contact, social media posts, and telephone conversations.

In total, we carried out 690 face-to-face appointments and 6,080 calls, and on top of this, our “Hearing Health Awareness Month” messaging reached over 3,000 people on Facebook.

Our Trusted Patients Shared Their ‘Hearing Loss Stories’

They took me right on time, and the ladies I dealt with were very friendly. The doctor was very knowledgeable and took her time to explain everything to me. I would definitely go back to Duncan Hearing and would recommend my family and friends to go there.”
–       Catherine 

“I had my first appointment. They were wonderful. Efficient, caring, informative!”
–           Leslie

We’re incredibly thankful to all patients that supported “Hearing Health Awareness Month” and helped to spread the word. If you would like to schedule your hearing assessment, then click here for full details.

If you have a question or would like to rec

eive professional guidance, then our team is here for you! 

Fall River: 508.674.3334  |  Centerville: 508.862.0255  |  Dartmouth: 508.910.2221

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Nancy Duncan, Au.D.

Dr. Nancy Duncan graduated from Somerset High, Somerset, MA in 1991 and received her B.S. in communication disorders and psychology from Worcester State College. Her master of science in audiology was awarded at the University of Arkansas in 1997, after which she worked for several private audiology practices in Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Returning to the area in 2003, Dr. Duncan founded Duncan Hearing Healthcare, allowing her to apply her passion to her community through rehabilitative audiology and individual patient care. She earned her clinical doctorate in audiology degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (now Salus University) in 2005. Her passion for her family and community is an integral part of what drives her to provide trustworthy, professional hearing healthcare to her patients.

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