There’s a reason they have won awards, and tasting this bowl of deliciousness is the only way to see why

Love Local: Have You Tried Chad’s Chowderhouse’s Award-Winning Seafood?

01/17/2023 | Love Local, Patient Resources

It’s time for another “Love Local” spotlight where we highlight different locally owned businesses in the Southern Massachusetts area.

I love writing these pieces because it gives my team and me a chance to showcase other hometown businesses that are here to provide a great service.

We are lucky to live in an area that offers so many different businesses, which is why we started this “Love Local” series. Supporting locals is vital to maintaining all the great things we love about our communities.

Having served this region for so long, we know how fantastic everyone is here.

We are grateful that you have trusted us to treat your hearing issues, and we want to thank you by introducing you to other locally-owned businesses that we think you’ll enjoy.

This month, we turn our attention to Chad’s Chowderhouse. It seems every restaurant claims to have the best chowder, but until you’ve tried Chad’s, you can’t make an accurate assessment.

Short History

Chad’s is one of the oldest businesses in town. They have been in operation since 1985 – over 30 years!

During this time, they have certainly left a lasting legacy with all the awards they have won. Starting in 1992, they took first place in the seafood bisque category at the Taunton Chowder Cook-Off.

Since then, they have racked up 13 straight years for having the best chowder and clamcakes with The Herald News Readers Choice awards –AND 17 times in a row for the Taunton Gazette Readers Choice award.

Of course, that’s not all; they have won numerous awards for “best seafood restaurant” and “best delivery.”

If there were a stadium for chowder joints, Chad would have his jersey hanging from the rafters.

Why We Love Them

Of course, you must get the chowder. But it is the other options on the menu that have given this place such staying power.

Seafood Bisque – Seems like something only fancy restaurants serve, and most of the time, that’s true. Chad brings this amazing dish to the people and does it better than any fancy restaurant I’ve been to.

Clamcakes – Are a very close second to the seafood bisque in terms of their flavor. They are also a dish that, if not done correctly, can spoil a person’s impression of them. Get these alongside a bowl of bisque or chowder for the full Chad experience.

New England Clam Chowder – The dish that started it all over 30 years ago. The recipe hasn’t changed much over the years, and I’m speaking from over 13 years of being a loyal customer. There’s a reason they have won awards, and tasting this bowl of deliciousness is the only way to see why.

Honorable Mentions

  • Lobster Roll
  • Stuffed Quahog
  • Fish & Chips
  • Any of their “Melts”
Chad's chowder house lobster roll

Where To Find Them

Thankfully, Chad’s Chowderhouse is located a stone’s throw away from our Fall River location. You can most likely catch one of us grabbing dinner on the way home often throughout the week.

No matter where you are in Southern Massachusetts, Chad’s is worth the drive.


1160 Grand Army of the Republic Hwy,
Somerset, MA 02726

Opening Hours

Monday – Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 11:00 – 8:00

Let’s work together to ensure places like Chad’s Chowderhouse get the attention they deserve!

We want to hear from you if you know of other local businesses that deserve a shout-out – please get in touch here.

Chad's chowder house fish and chips

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