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Trust Your Hearing Care To Our Experts Near Attleboro, MA

Do you or your loved ones get frustrated with the need to repeat themselves or complain about the painfully loud volume of the television? Living with someone who is experiencing a hearing loss, and hearing loss itself, is a major source of frustration that can be reduced by seeking the help of an audiologist near Attleboro, MA.

Providing education, support, and healthy hearing solutions to people all over Massachusetts has been the mission of Duncan Hearing Healthcare since 2003. Local physicians and thousands of patients have come to trust our team of hearing care professionals, including our ten doctors of audiology, to meet their needs with expert hearing care in communities near Dartmouth, Fall River, Centerville, and Falmouth.

How We Can Help

Custom Hearing Care Starts With A Hearing Assessment

Some people endure a day of exhaustion and frustration because they struggle to follow conversations with others. Custom hearing care, which starts with a hearing assessment, can limit the frustration and exhaustion related to hearing loss and restore your rewarding, independent lifestyle.

In spite of the fact that the CDC reports that hearing loss is the third most common chronic physical health condition in the U.S., beating out cancer and diabetes, many leave hearing assessments off their list of health screening priorities. Early detection, by scheduling a quick, non-invasive hearing assessment at our Fall River clinic, represents your best option for stopping the damage to your hearing and limiting the effects of hearing loss on your quality of life.

We Provide Attleboro, MA With Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

You can eliminate the outdated stigma related to those bulky, frustrating hearing aids your parents or grandparents wore because today’s advanced hearing technology is smaller, lighter, and more powerful. Rechargeable batteries, noise cancellation technology, and the capacity to link your device to your smartphone, television, or PC are among the highlighted features of modern hearing aid technology capable of amplifying your life as much as it does your hearing.

Follow-up care for our patients is one way our hearing instrument specialists distinguish themselves from common hearing aid dispensers. Ongoing care at Duncan Hearing includes providing free hearing aid tune-ups, clean and check services, and hearing aid repairs to our patients in and around Attleboro as well as hearing aid users who are non-patients at affordable rates.

Get The Help You Need With The Ringing In Your Ears

The CDC reports that the ringing, whistling, hissing, buzzing, or pulsing sounds that characterize tinnitus affect about 50 million Americans annually, with about 20 million experiencing chronic symptoms and 2 million experiencing a severity that is debilitating. Chronic tinnitus causes stress, loss of sleep, and makes it extremely difficult to concentrate on day-to-day tasks.

If your or your loved one’s quality of life near Attleboro, MA is being threatened by the stress, anxiety, loss of sleep, and focus issues produced by chronic tinnitus, you can find hope and the relief you need at Duncan Hearing. Our team of experts provides accurate tinnitus assessments as well as proven management techniques and technologies to help you manage your condition.

Low-Contact And No-Contact Appointments Available For Attleboro

You are our first priority at Duncan Hearing Healthcare, which is why we offer alternative curb-side and tele-audiology appointments to address your need for safety and convenience.

Take advantage of our curb-side service in order to get top-level hearing care support, such as hearing aid clean and checks, hearing aid repairs, help with troubleshooting or adjusting your device, and hearing tests, at our Fall River location without leaving your vehicle.

In 2020, the pandemic made it necessary to come up with a no-contact hearing care alternative, but we kept our tele-audiology service in place because we understand that traveling, schedules, and health-related challenges can make attending an appointment in Fall River inconvenient. With tele-audiology, you can continue to have access to one of our hearing care experts to address your needs without leaving your Attleboro home.

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