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Do you feel left out during family gatherings and/or social events because you can’t keep up with the conversations going on around you? Feelings of being left out are common among individuals who struggle with a hearing loss, but there are solutions to be found by consulting with an audiologist near Barnstable, MA.

At Duncan Hearing Healthcare, our mission since 2003 has been to educate and support people all over Massachusetts with healthy hearing solutions. Thousands of patients and local physicians have turned to our team of ten audiologists and hearing care professionals to provide expert hearing care for Dartmouth, Fall River, Centerville, and Falmouth, MA residents.

How We Can Help

Our Hearing Assessments Produce Personalized Hearing Care

Depression, anxiety, social isolation, and damaged relationships often result from not being able to stay in touch with what’s going on among family, friends, and co-workers due to hearing loss. Personalized hearing care, which begins with a hearing assessment, can help you get back into the loop with your loved ones and improve your quality of life.

A recent national health survey reported that 15% of the U.S. population report trouble hearing, which means that hearing loss is much more common than you might realize. If you’re concerned about your hearing or that of a loved one, your first step is to schedule a quick, non-invasive hearing assessment at our Centerville clinic.

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology For Barnstable, MA

If your hearing care treatment includes hearing aids, you don’t have to worry about wearing one of those outdated, bulky devices like your parents or grandparents wore, because today’s advanced hearing technology is streamlined and more powerful. With features like rechargeable batteries, noise cancellation technology, and the capacity to link your device to your smartphone, television, or computer, modern hearing aid technology enhances your hearing as well as your lifestyle.

Our hearing instrument specialists provide ongoing follow-up care for our hearing aids patients by offering hearing aid tune-ups, clean and check services, and hearing aid repairs, which we extend to all Barnstable-area residents at affordable rates, even if you’re not our patient.

Take Control Over The Ringing In Your Ears

Tinnitus is a medical condition characterized by ongoing ringing, whistling, hissing, buzzing, or pulsing sounds produced by your brain, which makes it difficult to concentrate and threatens to reduce your quality of life. Although most of the estimated 50 million Americans who experience tinnitus only experience it once in a while, many individuals struggle with it 24/7.

There is hope for Barnstable, MA residents who experience the stress, anxiety, loss of sleep, and focus issues due to chronic tinnitus. The team members at Duncan Hearing are experts when it comes to tinnitus assessments and helping you manage your condition so that you can get some relief.

Providing Low-Contact And No-Contact Consultations For Barnstable

Patients are the priority at Duncan Hearing Healthcare, so we provide hearing care that satisfies your need for safety and/or convenience with alternative curb-side and tele-audiology appointments.

Our curb-side service offers a low-contact and secure means for getting excellent hearing care support, such as a clean and check on your device, hearing aid repairs, troubleshooting or adjustments, and hearing tests, without leaving your vehicle at our Centerville office.

There are times when travel, schedules, and health-related challenges make attending an appointment in Centerville inconvenient. Since 2020, we have continued to provide tele-audiology as a no-contact means to meet your hearing care needs without leaving your Barnstable home.

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